Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome to Home Page of Pijush Ranjan Ghosh

I am Pijush Ranjan Ghosh, an Indian, born in Kharagpur (West Bengal), studied Computer Science in Jadavpur University (Kolkata), working in IT Industry(IBM). By religion I am a Hindu. This is my Home page and this covers mostly my family and travel and likings. For free thought and general writing I have one for Blog. This is the link.

Travel being one of my favorite thing, I have created lot of blogs regarding this and here goes the list in right column.Norway is so far my best place to be seen. The blog for Land of mid night sun goes here.
I have been to Denmark for quite a long time and enjoyed my life thoroughly. Even I can say my best days of corporate life was in Copenhagen. So there are two blogs capturing the memories of Denmark. See in right hand side Travel links and here is my main travel blog which I started in Greece.
Please see the Travel related Blogs in right side.

I am very proud to be a part of a traditional Bengali family. My grand parents are from East Bengal, now known as Bangladesh. My Father is Railway Health Inspector in our home town, Kharagpur and My Mother is house wife. I have a twin brother and a sister.

University and Corporate Life
I have been graduated from Jadavpur University on 2001, in Computer Science and the dream years of my life was undoubtedly those 4 years.
I started my career with PwC in 2001 with SAP technology and gradually become a part of IT global gaint, IBM after the merge from PwC in 2002. I am a SAP consultant working in US as Project development lead of IBM India and IBM US.
In my Corporate life, I have got opportunity to work for more than 10 SAP projects. First onsite assignment was in London, UK. It was a dream assignment with my IBM friends who were basically friends from my university life.
I have been to many countries in different International Assignment. My Travel Blog captures those countries. The link is here.


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