Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to the Windy City

Moved to Chicago again and now all set. I am little tired of moving, from one place to other, was in Chicago last year in Alberto Culver Project, then moved to Colorado for Amgen project and upon completion that assignment I came back to Chicago again in Ace Hardware Project. Moved in couple of days notice, I travelled the distance of 1300 Miles with my old Toyota which was loaded with all existing luggage bags of Longmont.

Its unique experience as I got to know many things about US. The garage sale, the move in options, lease break etc. The US life is quite challenging, people move very often specially in Aug when school year starts. It’s a pain though people are habituated.

This weekend bought some furniture from garage sell. I bought couple of antic things including a old telephone. It may be decades old, but I though it will be something interesting to collect. Now the drawing and dinning is well decorated with the LCD on stand, Light stand, two tea tables, one sofa couch with bad, one dinning table with four chairs. It should be enough for me as of now until Pabitra-Priyanka or Baba-ma join me.

I Bought a Sony Bravia XBR7 40inch couple of weeks back and this is something I am enjoying lot these days. With Comcast HD, pictures in some of the channels are exceptional and divine. I can’t think of a better picture in any television. XBR is one of the best qualities and I can vouch for its credibility.

The project is challenging here, I got a good role but work pressure is incredible here, if I say crazy, I mean crazy. Working for last 15 days consecutive I got break in this weekend and watched couple of movies in my new Home theatre. Now getting ready for tomorrow for another crazy week.

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