Monday, June 28, 2010

Back Again

I have not blogged for long time. Life changed a lot, project pressure, tough timeline, big implementation were an integration part of our profession, but life changed and has taken a new shape during these days, Ani came to my life and filled it with joy.

As this is my half life, I cant share everything online, but the only conclusion is “All is Well”. Yes 3 Idiots left a big impact during these days and so as the Avatar. Both the movies impressed me, watched many times. IPL, Anand Viswanathan cherished us but World Cup T20 and Hockey World Cup were sheer disappointments, now I am enjoying World Cup Football.

Today I was in a long meeting and was capturing the progress in the above pic during that meeting, our career is something like this, very unpredictable, but have to “hit the bulls eye in the bumpy road, we grow & fall”. Irrespective of the client and technology we have to design and develop solution, we have to grow and the same time there will be falls in career, no matter how capable we are. It’s the journey of sustainability with consistency but failure will come always, we have to overcome to sustain in the race. I liked one quote from one of my colleagues 'A winner is NOT one who NEVER FAILS......but one who NEVER QUITS!!!'

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