Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First post of my online dairy

This is the first post of my online dairy. Though I think personal thoughts should not be published to the open World, but still there is a version which can be shared. The only problem is my emotion. I am highly emotional and sometime quite extremists in some concepts, which may come into play while writing my day to day life.

The another aspect is, I am not a pessimist guy, I cant think negative, if I do so, I go into depression, which is not again my trait, though in my half life I have gone through some emotional trauma. So when I am depressed and down, I can’t write, as negative words never give me hope, the urge to live normal life. I purposely avoid those topics which do not give me confidence, but as I am emotional it comes to picture always.

I know some of my words are contradictory asI am not a simple guy. I can think beyond boundaries, but there is again no doubt that I am quite honest. I am what I am, either you have to like me or dislike me, you can’t ignore me.

Let’s come back to the online dairy post. Today’s morning was no exception than the other day, hurried as I am a late riser, anxiety to miss the meetings and the unforeseen outcomes of the meetings in my client Office where I work as a development lead from IBM. The client is not bad, but the schedule here is quite hectic. It is one of the leading biomedical companies in the World, AMGEN.

So it was a mixed day, mostly good as we made some good progress from development side. I prepared few slides for morning presentation, provided some suggestions and improving points for next release and as usual did some development coordination with offshore team back in India.

I am working for 8 long years in SAP, mostly in technical area, but I lost the charm of working with this ERP package, though its quite challenging and demanding software in today’s IT industry. But I like the lead role, where the management skill comes into play.

Slowly I am avoiding technical challenges these days and involving myself in management activities as I am pretty good in this role and got IBM Bravo award last year for leading the onsite team in Alberto Project, Chicago.

Initially not, but now I am of the opinion that if you are a technocrat after 7 years of your career, you will not be a good manager. It depends on our view of handling things. I have seen in IBM many managers who are technically brilliant, are very average in managing project, where as people from non-technical background managing project quite well. But again there are many exceptions of this rule.

Last one and half month were quite hectic in this project. We all have to work 10-12 hrs average, night calls, weekend work, challenging deadlines with very minimal sleep. Last week we met our milestone and now little off-load, though not totally relaxed.

In this one month, I hardly had chance to blog or write something for my website. I missed to wish some of my close friends in their birthday, especially Samiran, who is one of my close colleagues in IBM India. I am feeling bad for this.

But today Avimanyu’s (IBM US colleague) word made my day. He and his wife follow my blogs and photography and like it very much. Some of his words in chat inspired me to start posting again. I believe in making interpersonal relations in my corporate World and I have quite a few good friends in this World.

Some of the news disappointed me like IPL moved out of India and SA will host this year. Due to conflicts with national election, we can’t launch the prestigious national sporting event. It is shame on us. Though national election is one of the important activities of our nation, I personally believe we as a country should able to manage both the events. Cricket is the largest entertainment of out Nation, its more than a sport and sometime the craze is so immense, its almost a religion to a part of our population. Not only that, it could have been one of the economic boost in these critical days of economic recession. But as usual our national leaders are busy in their self interest.

After office hours went to shopping with Pabitra in the evening, went to Boarders (the book store chain). Sometime I like to find me in the world of books. Had a cup of Cappuchino and came back to prepare dinner.

Have night call with offshore team (India) from 10:30, so have to take dinner before that.

Before I close this post, like to mention one thing that gives me immense peace everyday is the tranquility of Longmont. Its really cool, where I can breath gently, live peacefully. No traffic Jam, no congestion, no unsocial activities; what can be better than this, that to we have a wonderful mountain view from apartment window.


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