Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Second post of my Online Dairy. Nothing much happened today, except same regular hectic office hours, fighting with manager, planning work and attending meetings.

Made couple of changes in my Googlepage and posted in Orkut about me, so that people can know me from my blogs. Sometime I think why people always try to create identity, is it something comes from the self-confidence or proud, are they suffering from identity crisis. Why we need to have own identity in the crowd?

I would say, everyone should have individual identity. The basic education is nothing, it really does not matters whether you are from IIT or JU, MBBS or CA, School teacher or Journalist, what matters is how you distinguish yourself by contributing significantly in any area, the quality of your journey, the innovation you make, the achievements and accountability of your duty. I know, many of us think whether identity at all needed? It will be much better to be with family, have a good job, healthy life and earn money. I beg to defer from this concept. Personally I think we all are here in this World to continue in certain path, the only tough challenge is to find your path and then it will be a golden journey where mind and soul merges.

I also think everyone should have their own blog to reflect his or her own thoughts. Each of our thoughts is unique, elementary and our life is also different. The myriad Brownian thoughts has be captured somewhere and there can’t be a better options than blog.

Again some of IPL news disappointed me. Bukanon, Coach of Kolkata Night Riders, wants 4 Captains in our team. Sourav and 3 other international players will lead team in different areas. Being a hardcore “Dada” fan, I am literally disappointed. I haven’t seen a leader like him, a strong fighter in the field with enormous mental strength. I have no idea how this innovative idea of having multiple captains will integrate the team. Lets see, what happens.

Its 9pm in night and someone is playing music system loudly in our Legacy Campus. The floor is vibrating and I hope someone will call 911 soon. Police will come and that guy may have to pay heavy penalty. Its US, no way to escape, you have to follow the rule, after all discipline makes a nation great.

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