Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow Everywhere

Snow infront of my apartment

It was snowing heavily for last two days, but today it was a bright sunny day. I haven’t seen so much of snowfall (Thursday 14 inch snowfall) in one day in US in last 2 years, caused by an uninterrupted snow storm over the night.

I was driving a blind car, as hardly something were visible from the mirrors, I tried to clean but once I removed the deposited snow from one side, other side was fully covered again. The roads were full of snow as the corporation was not able to clean it that quick. As usual the presence in office was minimal with the exception of IBM India guys and despite of heavy work pressure most of the AMGEN employees ended up either unofficial holiday or working from home.

IBM US sack 5000 employees a day before and it caused tension in the air. Wall Street is blaming big blue for switching job to India while employees asking for justification why job cut happened in spite of excellent fourth quarter and last year. But recession is now in its pick and things are getting worse day by day.

We ended development work of April release with a high note and phenomenal client appreciation. One things is very clear that the commitment of Indian guys (specially offshore team) is always more than the local guys here, they never complain for late hours and additional work in general. In lieu of economic recession people are not putting additional effort as they are habituated of enjoying the luxury. But there are always some exceptions.

In India we are brought up in a way that whatever assigned to us, we try to solve. That’s why we are so flexible, but our missing part are the discipline, consistency and the planning/ strategic/ management skills as we often try to evaluate things beyond our boundaries. We should improve in these areas. The old childhood traits are bound to reflect in corporate life. If you were not organized and consistent in your day to day work be it study or anything else, will retardate your corporate life. But there are again some exceptions; but exceptions prove the rule.

Timely communication can always make things much better, but small strategic moves and planning can make a sea change in the nature of projects or career and sometime in Organizations too. General Indian people (including me) has this problem, which we can work on, specially try to prepare our next generation with that mentality. There are many entrepreneurs who started changing India, but miles to go yet.

Whereas in USA, the mathematical base of general student is not like us, but they are far more ahead in discipline. Regular class project works make them far more consistent than us. Innovative assignments from school set their trends for out of the box ideas, which is why average American managers are better planner and strategy implementer.

Let me come back to my dairy again. As mentioned we gained client confidence by our quality deliverable, we all are happy. Some of the people who are burned out by working day in and day out in this strenuous environment are overwhelmed by the appreciation. We went to office though it is Saturday and then went to Dollar Tree and Big Lot for shopping with Pabitra. In the driveway Pabitra was hypnotize by the icy beauty of Longmont. Every place is covered by thick later of ice and probably we hardly get chance to experience this kind of nature. We captured few pictures of snow; one of them is here attached. It is indeed our unique experience and that delighted us.

We watched Dance India Dance in our apartment. This reality show made our day, Mithunda, who is the grand master of the show, danced with Prabhudeva, which delighted us, as we are big fan of both of them. After that we have seen some of the youtube videos of Prabhudeva like “Urvashi”. I am a big fan of reality show, like SaReGaMaPa, and now Dance India Dance.

Among all happenings the only problem is my dental pain, which is somehow relieved by pain killers, but I think, I have to see set up a doctor appointment next week.

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