Thursday, April 23, 2009

Five Points to mention

Five consequential events happened in one day, jotting down randomly

1) No more Spring this year. Its summer here. The temperature is suddenly cross 30C. It was snowing last week, and we were expecting few more colds days. It may be because of Global Worming, may be because of extreme weather of Colorado, but I was literally sweating today. It will help me to cope up with Indian heat next to next week.

2) Kolkata Knight Rider lost in Super Over after tying the match with Rajasthan Royals in IPL. We were watching the match in a close door meeting room in internet. We all are hurt as it was an obvious win of KKR, specially the heroic effort of Dada is in vain. I will write separate post on this as there are many things to cover, like the FAKE IPL Blogger Story, dada factor etc. I was reading the Fake Blog yesterday night. It is impressive and I got addicted now, So added in my blog.

3) Second round of Indian National election took place in India yesterday and the leaders started making their unscrupulous political groups with their vested interest keeping the veil of secularism (to stop the communal forces). Again separate post will come soon once the result will be declared.

4) Started packing yesterday, I am going to India for 2 weeks in first part of May. I have to finish many personal commitments. Need to shift in my new Rajarhat flat, close to DLF, some work on Kharagpur Online, some more personal stuff.. lol.. nothing serious, but as I told in the blog header I can only unfold half of my life, the other half will come in new form in coming future.

5) The funny stuff now. I put up couple of pics in orkut on my new look yesterday. I was enjoying the comments of friends. The blackly look with US Cap and Sunglass was compared with James Bond, Sherlock Homes , Mr. Anthony Gonzales, Killer, DON and many more personalities. I was flabbergasted and of course it was a new experience to be in new looks.

Forgot to mention, last weekend the whole team went to Pinewood Lake in Longmont. It was mesmerizing; something likes Manos Sarobor, covered by ice everywhere. We had good fun. My new cap was so cool that everyone took a pic with that. Longmont is really enriched with natural beauty. I feel lucky to be here.

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