Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pabitra - Gone back

It is snowing again. Its mid April and sometime the temperature is more than 25C, but the nest day it can be snow storm. Tomorrow the prediction is heavy snow storm here in Colorado. The weather is quite extreme here, summer is quite hot and winter is cold enough. The lands are mostly barren, but there are also few types of greeneries.

In US if you are not in East or West Cost, you may have to face extreme weather. The weather in Longmont is very dry and the sunshine is quite intense in summer. But now-a-days weather is playing topsy-turvy with its random combinations.

Last week it was Easter. First time in my corporate life I worked in Easter (Good Friday). It was a surprise to me when I came to know we don’t have any vacation in Easter. Thanks God, I haven’t planned in advance assuming this one a default vacation. We used to have long vacation during these days, in other countries like Greece. But yes we had at least one official party last week. IBM senior executive team like Global SAP head, USA sector lead and Partners came to sign billion dollar contract with the customer.

One significant event this week, my bro has gone back to India. That’s why we are little busy in shopping last weekend. We have gone to almost every chain possible, K-mart, King Scooper, Jecy penny, Ross, Marshall, Office depot, Michaels, Barnes n nobles and many more.

Sunday we had lunch in an Indian restaurant “Maharaja” in Boulder. Boulder is one a university town (University of Colorado) in the lap of the mountains very close to Longmont city. We have been there many times and with no exception this one has became our main haunting spot for last few days.

We haven’t seen a big book store like “Barnes and nobles” in West minister city. It was huge, so big that it may consume the whole day. We didn’t have much time, so had to come back after having a cup of coffee in Star bucks.

We did extensive shopping these days. We bought a Laptop with 17inch Monitor, many electronics equipments like SD card, HDD, many cloths, bags, and shoes, jewelries for family members, chocolates, photo frames, and small decorative stuff for everyone.

Finally I dropped Pabitra in Denver Airport on Tuesday. I am missing him. We stayed 3 months together and had a fun. We have been to many places and undoubtedly had a wonderful time which we had dreamt for. He was struggling for projects these days in recession market and now looking for options in India, which is good for him. I am planning to take a fly back of 2 weeks in India, beginning of May, so I am exited too.

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Anonymous said...

*** King-Sooper , Jc Penneys , Ross , Marshalls , Macys , Walmart , K-Mart , Bit-Lots , Sears , Barns and Nobles , Borders , Micheals ( art suppliers ) , Office Depot , Home Depot these all are "Retails". Guess, you missed "Goodwill" !!!

*** HP Laptop itself 17" ... Not only the monitor.