Friday, September 04, 2009


Finally got some break from the project, due to the long weekend. Chicago started getting cold, mild breeze with rain are common these days, I forgot to switch on the heater and got cold last week.

Last night saw a Bengali movie Antohin, and now feeling to be little Antel. I started writing “Bengali Poem” in my early age, probably at class II, but discontinued sometime after class X. I think my feelings can be best expressed by my mother tongue. The choice of words, the depth of the feeling, the vibrations of my thoughts are still replicated by Bengali poem, that I got to know when I was chatting with someone over net.

I am feeling a change in my life, someone told I can be influenced by anyone easily, but I really don’t think so. The only fact is I listen to everyone, try to think from their view point, but I don’t khow whether this is fact unless I am not seating in “Saach Ka Samnaa”; the reality TV show has blown the Indian crowd, I enjoy it too.

Planning to have chotasa party in Saby’s place today. These project guys are very jolly and each of them are unique in their own way. I love to spent time with them, not as a lead, but more like friends. I am feeling relaxed these days and enjoying life despite of project escalations. The fall will come soon, summer are almost at an end, but feeling to paint green top valleys, thinking to write some lines to cherish these days.


shooting star said...

i dont know u that much..but yes i can tell that u think very deeply....
the fall is here in delhi too...though the rains have come late this its a mix of fall and monsoons

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