Friday, July 10, 2009

Career Anniversary in IBM

Yesterday it was 8th Anniversary in IBM. This is a long journey in IT industry. People generally try to switch jobs frequently to get good hike or position, but fortunately or unfortunately I haven’t done that. Its maybe I am too secure here or maybe because I got ample opportunity or good support from this organization. I good varied roles with many abroad projects, got a steady success. For sure all was not good, definitely I thought couple of times to look for new opportunities, but it never worked out.

I learnt a lot during these years, got exposure to different exposures to different projects, people and work culture. Now I am so secure in the umbrella of IBM, I hardly think to quit. I am quite used to with the pros and cons of my organization and its almost a government job for me. I don’t want to talk about my growth, but yes miles to go from here. Somehow I think my professional life got impacted by my personal problems, though I continued the journey and hanging on. That’s the success may be.

Projects are always challenging, in terms of customer specific business logic, technical solutions, tools, clients demand and work atmosphere. Different teams have different compositions and also its pros and cons. Specially client handling is a tough part. To gain the client confidence, client communications, client satisfaction, are challenging areas. Overall completion of projects is also another aspect where you need to have a broad mindset with a sense of huge ownership. I used to play many different roles, starting from developer to project manager. So its all learning curve for me. Learning never stops, once you stop learning, you are not solicited in this industry.

Its not like I am fond of this job, rather its now my habit. Initially I enjoyed those days of PwC, I loved to stay in office. I was addicted to work and took the projects by heart. Later on I encounter many upheavals and lost the pace. Team changes and new people in every project make it a new experience. New location always excites me and now I feel bored to work in a place more than a year.

Sometime I think, I am just dragging my career in onsite as I don’t get proper role always. But after certain years in IT, we are really option less. We have to continue the job be it innovative or boring. Not sure how long I would like to continue in SAP or IT; but as long I am in this field, I would prefer to be with IBM unless some unavoidable circumstances happens.

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shooting star said...

8 years!!!..thats a long time!!
well..this is 5th year of my professional life and i have already changed two organizations....and though i loved my last company very much, i had to leave coz of locational disadvantage after marriage....
as for ur observations on personal life affecting professional life..ur very right on that!!!
i have gone thru similar thing at one time...and still when i look back, i shudder at the thought of those difficult times!!!
anyways..wish you happy 8th anniversary!!!!